How to Improve conversion rate with chatbots, Tip 6 of 16 tips to Increase conversions 2022

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In 2022, it’s time to Improve conversion rate using chatbots

Deploying chatbots to automate your support tasks can be excellent website conversion tips.

Bots empower you to reach out to a bigger audience and help your business to improve website conversions.

Chatbots can help to prequalify leads during peak hours or when your sales agents are busy or unavailable. You can prepare industry specific questionnaires and use it to qualify your sales prospects, then direct them to the sales team or schedule an appointment.

By engaging with customers 24×7, you can answer their simple queries promptly and reduce the number of support tickets raised.

How bots can improve website conversion rates?

– Prompt response – AI chatbots can immediately answer sales FAQs and improve the chances of conversions.

– Qualify leads – Bots can be used to qualify leads by asking sales questions and direct them to the next level of your sales funnel.

– Scalability – Chatbots can be scaled easily when there is a high volume of chats without altering the service quality and extra resources.

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