Best Sales Training System, and Team, in Aventura Florida

Best sales training team and system in Aventura Florida. Actually we’re the best in the country, but I’m going to focus on Aventura, Florida because I have a bootcamp event coming up with Grant Cardone this weekend.

Today is April 20th, Wednesday. I’ll be flying down on Thursday. I’m creating this video today, probably upload it to YouTube tonight or tomorrow morning. And I will get ranked and I will be rank number one for the best sales team and best sales training system in Aventura, Florida. My video will be ranked number one and that’s great because it will be national, even though I put in the city and town that I’m going to be in. But I do this to just prove that I can get anybody ranked for anything virtually anywhere. I haven’t failed yet, so I’ll put in that disclaimer, virtually, right? But I haven’t failed yet. So my point is, if you Google best real estate agent, if you go to YouTube rather and do best real state agent in Aventura, Florida, I’m number one. I don’t have a real estate license and I don’t live in Aventura, Florida.

Best HVAC company in Hollywood, Florida, that’s where 10X Growth Con was, so I did a video. I am listed as having the best HVAC company in Hollywood, Florida. I don’t have an HVAC company and I don’t live in Hollywood, Florida. Best mattress store in Pueblo, Colorado, because Grant Cardone had that gentleman, Matt, who he was on Undercover Billionaire with him was at the event. So I created a video for that. So my point is getting ranked on the first page, starting on YouTube, because it’s a video, right? And then moving over to Google, it will significantly enhance your awareness. People will be able to become aware of who you are, your products, your services and your solutions. And as such, they can consider you and then hire you. If they can’t find you, they can’t even consider you, right? So I’m creating this video to be the best sales team and the best sales training system in Aventura, Florida.

And we all know that’s where Grant lives, right? And that’s where his team is. And I’m going to be rank number one. I’m going to be outranking Grant Cardone and all them. So that’s the whole point of this video. Not so much outranked them because I would love to work with them. But everybody who is at that event needs to know that if they really want to grow their business, they’ve got to get ranked on the search engine. That’s where the real money is. And I’m doing this to prove along with dozens of other videos and dozens of clients who have made millions of dollars that I can get anybody ranked anywhere for anything. So kind of longer than normal videos I do, but hey, what the heck.

Ronald Couming, Author, Speaker, Radio Show and Live Stream Host, is an Internet, online Marketing Expert, specializing in SEO, and often does not charge clients until after they are Rank on 1st page of Google Organically

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